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servicing the entertainment and production world — elevating each event that we touch with the Royal Treatment.

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The Royal






curates bespoke celebrations, tailored to fit the immersive world of the entertainment industry. Turning a Simple celebration into an extravagant affair.

Exclusively focusing on television, film, theater, and music — we optimize our reach to ensure an A-list experience.

Our client base, contacts, and vendors proudly align to unveil events that not only submerge the attendees in the encounter but also, awaken the region where the event is held. Emphasizing planning, coordinating, and execution, Royal Premiere Events leave lasting impressions on all in attendance.

Being active in the Atlanta community also drives us to give back. One of our foundational practices is to donate up to 15%, from every experience we curate, to local charities, to aid in strengthening the city we call home.




Royal Ervin, our Founder and CEO, has over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry.

Early in her career, she began pinpointing how to seamlessly take a client's requests from ideation to a luxurious execution. From there she began working across the entertainment industry in film, television, award shows, and concert tour production, to name a few.

Fueled by her desire to make others feel seen, appreciated, and celebrated for their accomplishments— she found a way to marry her passion for film, and entertainment, with her love for event production. Thus, the birth of Royal Premiere.

Now located in Atlanta, GA, Royal plans to bring her experiences, from planning around the USA and California , to Atlanta and beyond.


Niche Events

  • Film and Television:
    • Classic Film Anniversaries
    • TV and Movie Premieres
      • Paying homage to the classics; while ​breathing life into the new releases - Royal ​Premiere delves into the chance to do it all. ​When debuting a film or television show, ​we immerse the audience from the red ​carpet to the opening credits; transporting ​guests into the story before it even begins.
  • Event Execution
  • Product Launches
  • Album Release and Listening Experiences
  • Event Production Consulting and Producing
  • Pre-event Planning and VenueWwalk-throughs

In addition to the above, we proudly offer the ​following:

  • Coordinate Vendor Estimates and Labor Costs
  • Coordinate Technical Services and Relevant ​Facility Ops
  • Post-event Support/Proper Strike of Venue
  • Coordinate Post-event Expenditures

We have designed and executed experiences for some of the industry's greatest talents!

Omarion’s Omega “The Gift & The Curse” DOCUSERIES premiere

TV and Movie Premieres

Crystal & Neyo’s baby shower

Intimate Upscale Gatherings

Omarion’s “ Sonice Book Two” Album listening experience

Album Release and Listening Experiences

Crystal & Neyo’s baby shower Teaser

NDG - Non-disclosure Gatherings

Crystal’S Maternity shoot


Photoshoots for the Occasion

Champagne And Luxury Glasses In Celebration Party

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